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Medical Facilities

Maintaining humidity levels between 40 & 60% can improve airborne infection control.
Relative humidity between 40 and 60% minimizes the impact of bacteria and respiratory tract infections. Higher relative humidity levels can lead to the proliferation of bacteria and other biological contaminants, including viruses, fungi, and mould spores.


Lowering CO2 levels can improve employee productivity.
As more offices are becoming open-concept spaces, employees are finding themselves closer to their colleagues than ever before. This can contribute to elevated CO2 levels in the workplace, which are often characterized by sluggishness, fatigue, and headaches.


Approximately 20% of teenagers in Canada are genetically more susceptible to allergies.
The average age of school buildings throughout the country is estimated to be just under 40 years old. Due to aging infrastructure, buildings are more prone to roof leaks which cause mould activity to develop, as well as poor air circulation due to outdated ventilation systems.


With adequate ventilation, hotels may be able to reduce energy costs by over 15%.
Having an up to date air exchange system while simultaneously monitoring CO2 levels can ensure that sufficient fresh air is being moved throughout the building in order to keep guests comfortable and lower energy costs.

Real Estate

Homeowners, landlords, and renters all deserve peace of mind when it comes to air quality.
Mould, VOCs, CO2, and dust are some of the main constituents of indoor air quality. Ongoing monitoring of your property can ensure you are on top of any problems that may have otherwise gone undetected.

Peace of Mind

A comprehensive assessment to uncover potential health hazards onsite.

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Protect your company, employees or tenants.

Indoor air pollutants can affect everyone who breathes and can make your properties or workenvironment unbearable. If you suspect that your air quality might be less then perfect or thatyour employees have been sick more then usual, it is time to get your air tested. Don’t waitwhile your lungs suffer and your employee’s health gets worse.

Protect Your Company, Employees or Tenants

Our 24/7 Indoor Air Monitoring service includes:
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analysis
  • Humidity Analysis
  • Temperature & Ventilation
  • Dust Particulates Analysis
  • VOC Presence Analysis
  • Ongoing Reporting

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Receive a report and walkthrough of the exact levels of contaminants within your workplace.

Necessary Steps

Receive clear recommendations to improve the air quality and indoor environment in the workspace.
Indoor Air Monitoring Dashboard

AQC Dashboard

Monitor multiple air sensors in one simple, easy-to-use portal to identify concerns so that you can act right away.

Ongoing Reporting & Consulting

Improve your indoor environment by following our easy-to-read reporting.

24/7 Data Collection

Find the right solution to optimize your workplace by identifying trends in the indoor air quality.

Readings In Real-Time

Monitor multiple spaces at a glance.


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“The price was very reasonable and it took only one week to get the DSS report. They’re very friendly and punctual. I’m totally happy with their service.”

Kevin H.J. Chung
From Toronto, CA

"Professional, timely and great service! I highly recommend Air Quality Canada! The inspection was done by two environmental technicians who were very knowledgeable in their field. They provided me with a detailed report of results in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks again, Air Quality Canada!"

Tatiana Dowhaluk
From Toronto, CA

"Justin came by to do an asbestos consultation before we start our renovation in the Beaches area. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and informed us which materials are likely to contain asbestos and should be tested. Overall it was a great experience and would recommend Justin and the air quality inc team."

KC Chappell
From Toronto, CA

"Incredible!!! I cant believe how helpful Justin was! He went out if his way to help and I'm not even a customer... yet!! :) Justin took the time to review pictures I sent of various locations in my apartment. He came up with a recommendation for proper testing for me to send to my landlord. It proves I was right in requesting further testing. Thank you!!!!! :)"

JB Elliott
From Toronto, CA

"I was very impressed with Air quality Canada. Everyone that I dealt with was super professional, friendly very knowledgeable. I received the report faster than I thought and they took the time to explain everything in detailed. I highly recommend them!"

Mariana Morales
From Toronto, CA