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Residential Air Quality Monitoring Services
Ongoing Comprehensive Reporting
Step One
Schedule an appointment that fits your busy schedule. An Air Quality Advisor will come to your home and install air sensors. We follow strict COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Convenient booking
  • Experienced professionals
  • Solutions-focused
  • Quick turnaround
Step Two
Get Results
Identify common concerns such as spikes in airborne particulates or elevated levels of CO2, so that you can act right away and keep your loved ones safe.
  • Get peace of mind
  • Thorough and clear reporting
  • A walkthrough of the results
  • Schedule a call with us anytime
Step Three
Action Plan
From your specific results, we provide suggestions and next actions to tackle the air quality issues in your home. We don't offer remediation services, so you are free to choose what works best for you and your family.
  • Expert advice
  • A transparent action plan
  • Professional due diligence
  • Provider agnostic recommendations

We Test, Diagnose and Provide Action Plans

Be Confident In The Air You Breathe

Not knowing what's in the air can lead to fear and anxiety, and may worsen health conditions over time. We've assessed thousands of homes across Canada and have provided actionable steps to improve the quality of their indoor environment.
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Don't wait another day wondering what may be causing unhealthy symptoms. Your family deserves a healthy indoor environment.
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Indoor Air Quality

Custom Time Frame (Minimum 1 Week)
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Relative Humidity
  • VOC Presence Analysis
  • Dust Particulates Analysis
  • Mold Air Test
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Healthy Home Assessment
7 Day Procedure
  • Air Quality Testing
  • EMF Testing
  • Attic Inspection
  • Extensive Mold Sampling
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Exterior Inspection
Starts at $870
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What others are saying...

“We hired Justin to come do an asbestos test for our home that was built in 1978 last week. He was extremely professional and knowledgable. He always responded back to my emails in less than a few hours and was able to get my test results back in one day. Excellent, dependable, quality service!”

Lisa Lam
From Toronto, CA

"The Air Quality Canada team was highly responsive and the customer service was outstanding. Prior to the assessment, Justin took the time to answer all my questions - he is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to understand manner..."

Shawn Mintz
From Toronto, CA

"Extremely happy with their work. The report came back very thorough and detailed but on top of that the customer service was above and beyond. Ask for Justin he was great."

Blake Rose
From Toronto, CA

"Justin was incredibly professional and prompt. We needed him to come back to re-test after some cleaning was performed and he was very accommodating and knowledgeable and helped us to solve a huge problem that could have been very costly if it weren't for his expertise. Can't recommend this company highly enough! Thank you!!!"

Julie Osland
From Toronto, CA

"Great Service. Very professional and priced competitively. I got my results exactly when they said I would. Will definitely recommend to friends and family!!"

Elias Abuaita
From Toronto, CA