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Marijuana Grow-op Consulting/Testing

At AQC, we have experienced Certified Industrial Hygienists to identify and eliminate contaminants on Marijuana Grow-Op plots, and restore them to safe, and legally compliant environments.

Marijuana crops are often found on the properties of completely unsuspecting landlords and property managers. However, if marijuana plants are discovered in a building, it is the responsi- bility of the land owner to remove all contaminants and restore the property to legal compliance.

How to Respond to an Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building

When a grow-op is discovered by the authorities, an Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building will be issued to the landowner. This document outlines the standards that must be met before the case can be resolved. The electrical supply to the building is often disconnected at this point to discourage interaction with the site until the property is deemed safe.

Before the property can be deemed safe and hydro restored, your municipality and the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) will require an environmental assessment from a recognized author- ity. This assessment must maintain that the property is:

  1. Fit for occupancy
  2. Free of biological and/or chemical hazards
  3. Structurally sound

Why Use AQC for your Environmental Assessment?

AQC’s assessments are always done quickly, efficiently and thoroughly to restore your property as soon as possible. Before re-connecting your hydro, the ESA requires an approved document from a Certified Industrial Hygienist, a Registered Occupational Hygienist, or a Professional En- gineer with an M.Sc. in Occupational Hygiene. At AQC, the initial assessment, the full remediation plan, and the final verification report are all included in our Environmental Assessment.

What’s Included in the Environmental Assessment?

  • Assessment of fungal contamination (mould) and it’s source(s)
  • Assessment of indoor pesticide contamination and it’s source(s)
  • Assessment of the extent of water and indoor moisture damage
  • A remediation plan to mitigate damage and contamination
  • A verification report that re-evaluates the environmental condition of the building after remediation

What Will Remediation Cost?

AQC sees each Grow Op Remediation through from beginning to end to ensure the process is finished as quickly as possible in order to minimize the landlord’s losses in rental income. Our initial quote will detail both the cost of the initial assessment if no remediation is required, as well as forecasted costs should remediation be necessary.

Our extensive experience in the field means that AQC can get competitive pricing from reliable contractors whom we trust to finish the job on time, and with care. Our Hygienists are familiar with various bylaws concerning numerous municipalities so we can ensure that our final report will be accepted in your region, and occupation of the building can resume as normal.

What is Included in the Final Report?

Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Review of the property history from the current owner
  • Complete inspection of the property
  • Sampling and laboratory analysis of moulds and asbestos as necessary in our in-house AIHALAP, LLC EMLAP accredited lab
  • Full written report, including findings, photos, conclusions and recommendations
  • Remediation plan (if necessary)
  • Post-remediation assessment and air testing to ensure that the remediation has been completed effectively
  • Completion of the necessary ESA sign-off documentation.

What Are the Risks if a Property is not Remediated?

Failure to remediate a contaminated space is dangerous not only for the occupants of the building, but for the surrounding neighbours as contaminants begin to spread to adjacent properties. Risks include:

  • Airborne contaminants from chemical use or ventilation tampering
  • Health risks and allergies caused by moulds and fungi
  • Increased probability of fire from electrical overload, unregulated wiring and heat generated by
    high intensity lighting
  • Electrocution from illegal and uncertified electrical wiring
  • Possible structural damage caused by possible renovations made by the grower

AQC’s Renowned Reputation

AQC preforms Environmental Assessments of former grow-ops for people all over Canada. We have provided numerous assessments not only for landlords, but for multiple businesses, firms and homeowners nation-wide. Contact us today for more information about a Marijuana Grow- Op Assessment, or various other Environmental Assessments offered at AQC.

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