Commercial Air Problems

Air Quality Canada
January 17, 2020
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Whether you are an employee or the owner of your company, the implications of poor workplace air quality are the same– poor air quality has been proven to cause poor performance at the workplace, and create an unhappy work environment for everyone.


The long term effects from richly contaminated indoor air are very serious; extended inhalation of contaminated air can bring brain damage, lung scarring, or even death in some extreme circumstances.

Warning Signs of Workplace Air Contamination

The first thing you may have already noticed is an increased overall lethargy from all coworkers or workers at your place of business. If you have been working in inhabitable conditions for any considerable period of time, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, or watery eyes could already be noticed. Workers calling in sick or nodding off during the day could also already been apparent. Whatever the symptoms, the productivity of your workers or coworkers is surely being affected by poor air quality.

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Don’t let poor workplace air quality send your workplace into a tailspin, take steps to rid or mitigate the problem by calling Air Quality Canada.

Causes Of of Workplace Air Quality Problems

We have come across many unique issues associated with workplace air contamination over the years, most of which can be resolved following a prescribed course of action.

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The most common problems attributing to poor air quality in the workplace:

1. Poor Ventilation

Making sure air recirculation rates are at par in your office is key in preventing

2. Moisture Problems

Water leaks or high humidity levels can be create a breeding ground for bacteria and/or mold.

3. Lack of an Air Filtration System

Clients often benefit from a whole office air filtration system.

4. Poor Janitorial Services

Issues with normal building hygiene can cause a buildup of insects or other dust particulate.

5. Poor Extermination Services

Rodents that infiltrate the office space may be causing fecal matter or other pesticides to accumulate from within the building.

6. Other Close-By Businesses

Nearby businesses may cross contaminate the workspace.

Our Services



What We Offer

We offer air quality testing through air sampling at your workplace. Resultant air quality samples are screened for contaminates by a third party accredited laboratory. Resultant contaminates found are reported with advice on how to interpret the data.


The Day Of the Test

Upon arriving to your location, the air quality specialist on duty will inform the manager or other point of contact at your company the standard operating procedure for collecting the necessary air samples.

Testing Details and Level of Accuracy

Upon receiving our air quality assessment, direct actionable advice will be offered to deal with any existing air quality problem. Clear confirmation of non-problematic air quality will be also offered in contrast.

Our Air Quality Testing Reports Include:

contaminates list

Thermal Inspection Upon Suspicion of Water or Humidity Problems (Mold or Bacteria)

If it is found there is a problem with bacteria or mold specifically, we can offer your company a follow up thermal inspection to source the moisture problem attributing to your problem. Once our thermal inspection is completed, an addendum will be offered to your air quality assessment advising you of the proper course of action moving forward.

Company Policy



All lab and written reporting is fully confidential, and will only be released the parties you have previously approved of.

Yearly Testing Program

Ask about our yearly discounted testing program for taking a proactive approach in maintaining proper workplace air quality.

Your Level Of Liability

More than caring for the well-being and safety of your greatest asset, executing air quality testing at your place of business is required to establish due-diligence in providing a safe workplace to your employees.

Due to legislation 503c employers who do not provide a safe workplace for their employees through clean air standards are already at risk for being civilly responsible for any employee health hazards that manifest themselves. But this is not your only problem however. Criminal penalties exist for those employers that do not follow up an employee report of health related issues that could be contributed to hazardous or contaminated air. It is your duty as an employer to call a certified professional such as us when an employee complaint or accusation has revealed itself. We can establish proof of non issue so that you cannot be found liable for any future employee health issues, or provide a course of action for taking care of any existing problems before civil or even worse, criminal penalties rear their head.

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