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Do I need bacteria testing after having a flood backup?

cupertino-cubby-filled-hundreds-shelves-master-bath-sink-thumbNo matter the size of the contaminated area you are dealing with, it is always a good idea for an environmental professional to test the contaminated area(s) for bacteria after sewage cleanup is completed to ensure the area is free of bacteria. Bacterium missed during the sewage cleanup process can cause serious illnesses for homeowners and other inhabitants of the home as fecal contamination spreads from the original area of contamination to the home’s common living areas by means of foot traffic, convection currents, and/or HVAC systems.

It is very important that post flood bacteria testing is performed as quickly as possible following a sewage cleanup job to prevent the spread of contamination if still present. The longer a person waits to identify a botched sewage cleanup job, the more of a problem it will create for the homeowner.

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