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What else can an environmental specialist do in case of a flood backup?

In addition to tsewage22esting the immediate area where sewage flooding has occurred, a trained environmental specialist will also be able to prescribe a specific course of action to cleanup all sewage present so that remediation professionals have a precise course of action to follow.

This remediation plan developed by your environmental specialist will ensure that all contaminated materials in question will be removed from the premises including carpet, drywall, or other porous materials that have been saturated with sewage waste and that all non-porous materials are sterilized accordingly. Plans will also be put in place to ensure all sewage is properly contained by installing a containment barrier around the area of contamination as well as to make sure any exposed ductwork is sealed up so that the air in the area of contamination cannot leave the space and cross contaminate other areas of the building.

On higher profile jobs, an environimg6_Featuredmental specialist will usually also be on call during the actual remediation and cleansing process to ensure the proper cleanup protocol is followed.

Once all contaminated areas of the home are thought to be free and clear of hazardous material, post clearance testing will verify all work completed. Samples of the immediate area will be taken as well as several samples from other parts of the home to ensure none of the original hazardous waste has spread to other areas of the home thereby certifying the home as safe to occupy.



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