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What damage can vermiculite insulation cause?

If the vermiculite insulation installed in your home is indeed contaminated with asbestos, the possibility of that asbestos reaching other areas of your home is quite high if ever disturbed.

When vermiculite insulation contaminated with asbestos is agitated, asbestos fibers are sent airborne and can be inhaled by those inhabiting the surrounding space very easily. Asbestos fibers can also travel to other parts of the home through ventilation ducts and other transport methods.

Once asbestos reaches the lungs, irritation caused by asbestos fiber can lead to cancer. Usually this process takes many years, and will be exacerbated by smoking or inhaling other substances that cause mechanical damage to the lungs. The more asbestos fiber that ultimately is inhaled, the greater the individual’s risk is for cancer.

The resale value of your home may also be severely affected as a result of vermiculite insulation being discovered during a pre-sale home inspection unless it has been verified as likely free of asbestos. Improperly removed vermiculite can also lead to problems selling the home.



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