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What causes flood water sewage backup and what should be done about it?

sewer-pipe-repair-replacement-st-louisStorm flooding is the most common cause of sewage backup in the home. After a flood, storm water finds its way into the city’s sewer system whereby it has nowhere else to go. If a backflow preventer was not present on a home’s waste water exit pipe prior to a serious flood, toxic sewage will often find its way into a home via its basement toilets, showers, and/or sink drains.

Foreign objects which clog sewage pipes can also be a source for sewage backup as would be any other waste water pipe damage including invading tree roots. Whatever the cause, sewage backup will always need immediate attention as to prevent or minimize the spread of bacteria and other infectious diseases to other areas of the home.

For smaller sewer backup situations where only non-porous surfaces have been contaminated, hand cleaning may be order; however for larger jobs where porous materials have also been saturated with sewer water, professional remediators will be required to perform the necessary cleanup work and  cleanse the area.


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