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How should / does asbestos contaminated vermiculite get removed?

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Vermiculite removal is a dangerous procedure which requires remediation workers to have proper personal protection equipment for the procedure.

Vermiculite removal without the use of personal protective equipment is a direct health hazard for anyone tasked with vermiculite remediation as asbestos can travel through most common dust masks as well as stick to clothing allowing it to be transported outside of the contamination area.

Vermiculite remediation, when performed by certified contractors, usually involves sucking the vermiculite out from a hole in the roof via an industrial sized HEPA vacuum system minimizing the chance of asbestos exposure outside of the home’s attic area. This level of precision afforded with the correct equipment and operating procedure is well worth the money spent.

Certified vermiculite remediators will understand the importance of properly isolating your attic from the rest of your home as to contain any asbestos fiber stirred up during remediation process as well as to clean up any remnants of asbestos or vermiculite dust left over after the job is completed to safeguard residents of that home over the long term. Certified individuals will also properly dispose of any hazardous material responsibly.


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