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How do I test for radon?

There are two types of tests we use to monitor radon concentration levels, of which are chosen based upon our clients individual needs.

  monitorsShort Term Tests- Carried out with an industry approved Radalink Radon monitor, a 48 hour radon test will determine the exact concentration of Radon particles existing in your homes air averaged over the entire time period. Samples taken hourly ensure our Radon risk assessment is as accurate as possible.

Long Term Tests- Our long term radon tests look for trace alpha radiation particles released by biproducts of radon and are considered by the industry to be a more accurate measurement of Radon in the home if you have the time to wait for the test to be completed. Long term radon testing provide a better picture of the total Radon concentration in a home by smoothing out any radon fluctuations over time and eliminating variations in radon emission by season. More accurate long term test data can eliminate the need for expensive radon mitigation systems if Radon levels have shown to be borderline acceptable with previous short term radon testing.

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