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How do I / can I remove lead paint myself?

lead_paint3Some individuals feel they can remove lead paint from a wall or other substrate themselves. While this may be possible with a paint scraper or other hand tool, toxic dust can be released if sanders are used creating an even bigger health hazard. Even if basic precautionary measures are taken such as the worker wearing personal protective equipment making sure the area is properly quarantined beforehand, lead based paint dust will still remain behind afterwards if proper abatement procedure is not followed.

A certified lead paint assessor can accurately compose a plan to safely remove lead based paint in your home AND completely contain the dust created during the abatement process without putting renovation workers at risk. Since the process to safely remove lead based paint is typically complicated, a certified lead abatement contractor is usually required to perform the required abatement procedure.

Words Of Wisdom

During a home sale, if lead dust happens to be found in a home via a surface sample or air quality test, the cost of the home will decrease dramatically as the home will be considered contaminated until proven otherwise. In this type of situation, previous lead abatement was likely not performed according to best abatement practices.

On the flip side of this, if a large renovation project was recently completed on an older home that you notice as a home buyer, a professional lead assessment of the building can lower the asking price of the home significantly and protect your family against lead exposure.

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