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How do I know when I am at risk for radon exposure?

RadonRadon is created through the radioactive decay of uranium in the soil. As radon is formed, the gas permeates from soil and is released slowly into the atmosphere.

While this process isn’t usually a cause for concern, manmade structures have a knack for collecting and concentrating radon gas to levels considered unsafe for human exposure and inhalation.



If you live in an area plagued with uranium rich soil, your home runs a much higher risk of accumulating unsafe levels of Radon. By looking at the map below, you can see which areas of Canada have greater concentrations of uranium so you may self-assess your Radon exposure risk.


While some areas of Canada have more Radon than others, it is important to know your radon exposure risk.


A professional radon assessment will serve to determine exactly how much radon is accumulating in your home as it seeps through the cracks in your home’s foundation. Without the proper ventilation systems in your home to displace radon gas underneath your foundation in areas with rich uranium deposits, the chances of having Radon gas build up to dangerous levels in your home are quite high.


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