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How do I know if radon Is truly gone after mitigation strategies are enacted?

radon-detectorThe mitigation contractor you are working will need to be able to reduce radon below ‘action levels’ or levels considered safe to live with, otherwise radon mitigation systems and planning enacted will have been considered inadequate for you the customer- do not settle for a simple reduction in Radon.

Many times radon mitigation companies will perform their own post mitigation clearance testing to ensure Radon levels have been reduced to safe levels after a radon mitigation system has been installed. These results should be taken with a grain of salt however as there is a direct conflict of interest associated with the mitigation contractor you have hired doing a post clearance test.

Post mitigation radon testing is available by our firm to confirm Radon levels in your home are safe. No conflict of interest exists by hiring us for post clearance testing as we are not in the mitigation services business, nor will we ever be in the future.

If radon levels have not been reduced to industry acceptable levels in your home after a recommended radon mitigation system has been installed, the option for us to consult directly with your radon mitigation contractor exists.

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