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How do I know if my vermiculite has asbestos?

vermiculite have asbestosIf your home’s attic was insulated/reinsulated before the year 1990, there is a good chance the vermiculite in your home is contaminated with asbestos.

It is impossible to tell with a visual inspection alone if the vermiculite insulation in your attic is truly contaminated with asbestos or not. A certified asbestos assessor should be employed to advise you regarding this subject if you are in doubt. He or she will be using a battery of asbestos tests to try to confirm or deny the presence of asbestos for you.

If an asbestos test is carried out by a certified asbestos assessor and the results have been displayed negative, trace amounts of asbestos may still be present as test results will only represent the actual material being tested. Multiple installations of vermiculite insulation could have resulted in uncontaminated vermiculite being layered over contaminated varieties therefore some possibility always exists of asbestos fiber being present. Because test results are never completely conclusive when it comes to asbestos testing, many simply remove all vermiculite thought to be laid down before the year 1990.

To achieve the highest testing accuracy possible, vermiculite asbestos samples should be taken from the lowest point in the attic as asbestos will tend to settle to the bottom of the attic in question with time.

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