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Do I need permission to remove asbestos in Toronto GTA / Ontario?

abatementSignsPermits are required for Type 3 asbestos removal work as they are of high risk for sending asbestos fiber airborne.

If a homeowner is planning on doing any renovation to their home and will be removing any section of asbestos material greater than 9 x 9 Ft in size (Type 3), a permit from the ministry of safety will be required before the asbestos remediation process may begin. Pipes containing asbestos laced material 21 Ft or longer will also legally require a ministry permit.

In the case of a Type 3 job, post clearance-air quality testing will also be required to certify the area as safe to inhabit once remediation work is completed. A trained environmental consultant will need to perform this testing to comply with the law.


Bill 43C- All employers are responsible for maintaining a safe working environment for their employees. All asbestos pre-testing, removal, and clearance must be followed according to state mandated protocol to prevent employee harm. For this reason, a trained environmental consultant such as our own should be employed to see through the entire process of asbestos remediation to completion.

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