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Radon Testing

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Air Quality Canada Inc. is an environmental consulting firm with experienced professionals who perform Radon testing & mitigation services. Whether your concerns are residential, commercial or industrial, we are here to help – Your Safety is our business.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a cancer-causing gas that is odourless, tasteless and invisible to the human eye. Radon is produced by the decay of naturally occurring uranium in soil and groundwater. Radon is produced by the radioactive decay of the element Radium.

Radon is most concentrated in basements & crawlspaces. However, due to central ventilation systems, Radon can be dispersed throughout the entire home or office.

Why Test for Radon?

  • The EPA, WHO, and Health Canada have confirmed that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in North America, second to only smoking.
  • Over 25,000 people die in North America as a result of Radon each year.
  • Significant concentration of Radon is equivalent to smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day.
  • Health Canada reported that “16% of lung cancers deaths in Canada are attributable to radon exposure.”
Your risk of developing lung cancer from Radon depends on the length of exposure and concentration of Radon in the air you breathe. If you are a smoker who is exposed to elevated levels of Radon, the chances of you developing lung cancer are exponentially higher.

Assuming normal levels of Radon are present. In an average year, Radon will account for 55% of the radiation, the human body absorbs.


How Radon Enters A Home

Radon moves up through the air and soil in the ground and into a building through cracks and holes in the foundation. Every building has some Radon. It is essential to determine if the levels are elevated to the point of being a substantial health risk. Regardless of if the age of the structure, and whether or not a basement is present, Radon is a real health threat for you, your family or employees.

Radon can also enter a home via showers and various plumbing lines. If Radon is present in the air, it is suggested that the water and soil are tested for elevated levels as wThe graphic below demonstrates the various ways in which Radon can enter a home:

Radon Testing Procedure

The first step to accurately assess Radon levels is to begin with a short term test. This will provide a quick snap shot of the current levels. If it is clear that elevated levels are apparent. We will provide you with information regarding a Radon Mitigation System to correct the spikes and return the radiation to a normal, healthy level. If the Radon levels are roughly 2 pCi/L (the suggested level of mitigation). We will conduct a 90-day, long term test. Upon confirmation ofelevated Radon levels. You will have the required knowledge to make an informed decision regarding your next steps.